Friday, June 27, 2008

Comparing Tasks of Devaney and Pelini

Tad Stryker of Huskerpedia compares the tasks facing Bob Devaney in 1962 with that of current NU head football coach Bo Pelini. While superficially similiar, Stryker concludes that Devaney faced a more formidable task, an accessment which I'm inclined to agree with. Both coaches inherited some talented players from the previous regimes, but NU had really suffered some horrific seasons between the 1941 Rose Bowl season and the beginning of Devaney's tenure, just three winning seasons and one finishing at .500. Pelinie predessessor Bill Callahan had two losing seasons to go along with two bowl appearnces and a Big 12 North title. Pelini also has the unusual luxury of beginning his first season with five home dates in a row. However, Devaney did have some head coaching experience before taking the helm at NU.

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