Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fred on John McCain

The Fred writes at Townhall about the goals of his convention speech and his ideas of how the American voter gains their impressions of the candidates through all the rhetoric. His goal in the speech (and the current column) was to point out the long history of McCain's service to his country, not only in the military but also in the Senate, and how that record contrasts with that of his opponent.

"Put simply: Others talked about reaching across the aisle and reconciling differences; John McCain did it. Others went along with pork barrel spending and getting the political benefit from it; John McCain fought it. Others wanted to declare defeat and cut and run in the central front of the war on terrorism; John McCain fought for a strategy that would ensure victory. Others gave lip service to reform; John McCain actually made it happen."

Fred points out the concerns Americans have regarding the judicial process, and how only McCain would appoint judges that adhere to their historical role rather than engineer wide reaching social changes by judicial fiat. I really, really hope I will be blogging about Attorney General Fred Thompson next year.

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