Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Husker FB

OWH looks into the Husker Football notes for the week. Biggest news is that Linebackers Cody Glenn and Phil Dilliard practiced this week after being absent from the field in the loss to Texas Tech last Saturday and that soph Javario Burkes has earned the starting left tackle spot over fellow soph Mike Smith. The offense is also running sprint drills for every penalty that occurs on the field after another game in which a strong effort was plagued by far too many yellow hankies. One gem out of the game against Tech was the emergence of Meno Holt in the receiving corps. Holt had a career high 6 catches for 55 yards. Also of note, Coach Bo flashed signs he is relaxing a bit more in front of the local media.

"Pelini, apparently, is growing more comfortable with the setting at his weekly press conference. On Tuesday, he was quick to joke with the news media. Here's a sampling:

Q: Are the Huskers a dangerous football team?
Pelini: "Dangerous to themselves or to somebody else?"

Q: How will the Iowa State offense attack NU?
"I don't know," Pelini said. "Could you get into their practice and come back and tell me?"

Q: Does Nebraska's lack of execution often drive him nuts?
"Yeah, but it always does," the coach said. "By the end of the week, you can usually put me in a rubber room." "

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