Monday, December 01, 2008

Primary Election Process

Excellent article at Human Events by Jack Thompson on the failed primary election process and the issue of open primaries, where anyone is allowed to vote in either party's election. The issue was decisive in the selection of John McCain as the Republican nominee as independents and Democrats tilted severla races in his favor while actual Republicans voters selected candidates such as Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. McCain never achieved a registered Republican voter majority in any state up to Super Tuesday.

"Dr. Marni Ezra, who teaches political science at Maryland’s Hood College, has proven and written that “closed primaries” -- ones in which only a party’s registered Republicans or Democrats are allowed to vote in their respective primaries -- produce winners more true to the ideology of their respective bases. Closed Republican primaries tend to produce more conservative nominees and Republican “open primaries” -- ones in which independents and/or Democrats can vote -- produce more moderate nominees."

Thompson asked three of the leading RNC Chair candidates about the issue, and two, both Michael Steel of Maryland and Katon Dawson of South Carloina, replied they are open to the idea of having only closed primaries being discussed. south bCarolina has an open system and Maryland's is closed, but Steel experienced the issue as Maryland experimented with an open primary whil ehe was state party chair.

What is really interesting is that the National Committee, rather than the individual state parties holds the legal cards. The Supreme Court has issued rulings that indicate that the constitutional right to free association gives the political party the right to determine its membership requirements, and any state which fails to do so could potentially face the prospect of not having its delegates seated to the national convention.

Very interesting, and probably long overdue in my opinion. The party;s cnadidate should reflect the desires and the beliefs of its memebers, and I think John McCain falied in that regard on several issues. The issue isn't just a Republican one either; a large number of Republicans crossed the lines to vote for Hillary Clinton in the primaries in order to sow chaos in the Democratic process.

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