Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I think I've found it -- my illness of choice

I always wondered why I get pissed off for no reason. Now Science gives me my answer!

"To be diagnosed with IED, an individual must have had three episodes of impulsive aggressiveness "grossly out of proportion to any precipitating psychosocial stressor," at any time in their life, according to the standard psychiatric diagnostic manual. The person must have "all of a sudden lost control and broke or smashed something worth more than a few dollars ... hit or tried to hurt someone ... or threatened to hit or hurt someone."
People who had three such episodes within the space of one year -- a more narrowly defined subgroup -- were found to have a much more persistent and severe disorder, particularly if they attacked both people and property. The latter group caused 3.5 times more property damage than other violent IED sub-groups. Affecting nearly 4 percent of adults within any given year -- 5.9-8.5 million Americans -- the disorder leads to a mean of 43 attacks over the course of a lifetime and is associated with substantial functional impairment. "

I can document 3 episodes a year for years, I would bet, so I have a serious problem -- I probably ought to be medicated. I bet I've already had 43 episodes. Maybe in the last year. They should do a study on me, being a statistical outlyer and all. Poor Poochinsky always thinks it's his fault, too, which it almost never is. Too bad, he's just going to learn to deal with it.

I need to get this to Ace with all speed.

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