Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Despite the recent advances in the growth of the Mexican economy, alot more needs to be done there to grow the economy and give its own citizens opportunities so that they don't have to emmigrate to our borders.

Ron Samuelson of Newsweek notes:

"Here is an illuminating comparison. In 1970, average incomes in South Korea were about half those of Mexico. By 2004, average per capita Korean incomes ($19,148, expressed in constant "2000 dollars'') were more than twice Mexico's ($9,178). "

The upcoming Presidential election in Mexico will have a major impact on relations with the US. The two front runners are at opposite poles of the political spectrum; either the populist left-wing candidate, Manuel Lopez Obrador, will win and we face the prospect of a new Hugo Chavez, or National Action party candidate Felipe Calderon will win and Mexico's economic progress either continues or hopefully accelerates.

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