Thursday, December 06, 2007

More on Husker Coaching Staff

via HuskerExtra, more on the possible new staff. Definites are Carl Pellini, Marvin Sanders, Ron Brown, and Barney Cotton, along with Shawn Watson and Ted Gilmore. Randy Jordan is still a possibility. New announcements are John Papuchis and Mike Ekeler from the LSU staff. Gilmore and Pelini were in California recruiting, AD Tom Osborne was in Iowa, and I thought I saw something about Watson being in Texas. Pelini and Osborne spent time tlaking to local high school recruits earlier in the week as well.

Ekeler is a Nebraska native of Blair, my hometown, and I know him slightly, as he was a freshman there the year I graduated. Ekeler played linebacker at Kansas State and has been an serving as an assistant strength coach for the Tigers. He appaarently met Pelini while both were at Oklahoma in 2004.

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