Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Bo Doubters Need to Chill

Apparently some fans have spouted off about the number of decommits from the initial recruiting list being compiled from the previous regime. The Nebraska State Paper's Sam McKewon is telling the Husker naysayers (back on the 19th of Dec) to relax and give the new coach the benefit of the doubt, and lists the repairs our new coach has to conduct, and how it appears he's going about it. Of course, people might chill out now that Bo has a NC ring to go along with his Superbowl ring.

"Overhaul the defense in attitude and aggression. Simplify the offense while keeping the essence of it. That's what Pelini's staff is built to do.

Now think about two of the great failures of the Bill Callahan era. The defense looked lost, ticked off, and trapped inside its own collective brain. The offense, meanwhile, had its moments, but often couldn't get out of its own way when it really needed to score. So Pelini's staff is designed to perform triage on two major wounds of Callahan's regime.

And Pelini's doing a bad job? You wanted more credentialed assistants? Why? Staff continuity and chemistry is far more crucial than credentials. Phil Elmassian had a ton of credentials as a defensive backs coach. His guys also made an art out of face-guarding. You wanted better recruiters? Give it time.Clearly, Pelini's hitting the trail with a different message than Callahan's troops did.

There's a difference between straight talk and sweet talk."


Another Husker note is that the staff is complete with the addition of former Kansas WR coach and "Passing Coordinator"(? it's s new one to me) Tim Beck as the new RB coach. Beck is also from the Pelini's hometown of Youngstown and a fellow grad of Cardinal Mooney High. The word with Beck is that he is a good to excellent recruiter with some strong ties to Texas from a period as a high school coach there.

Also, we gained a QB recruit out of the Lone Star state, Kody Sprano, who is billed as a dual threat run/pass type. He runs about 6'2 and 200 lbs, and will get a jump by enrolling at NU for the spring semester.

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