Friday, January 18, 2008

Boston Legal Quotes

Alan Shore: [listening to the news on TV at the office] That's Bernie!
Tara Wilson: Who?
Alan Shore: The little skillet-welding client from last week, he's whacked another one. He promised me he wouldn't.
[knocks on Bernard Ferrion's front door repeatedly]
Bernard Ferrion: [open's door] Alan.
Alan Shore: [walks inside] What have you done now?
Bernard Ferrion: There's a awful lot of excitement.
Alan Shore: I saw, both live and on the news. You've been flaying again with your frying pan, haven't you, Bernard?
Bernard Ferrion: I never meant for it to happen.
Alan Shore: I am very disappointed. I gave you a terrific speech last week, Bernie, appealing to the kind inner you. It was wonderful - poignant, even, and how you have completely mooted it by committing murder again.
Bernard Ferrion: I never meant to kill her!
Alan Shore: Well, what? You just went over there to make an omelet and things got out of hand?

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