Friday, May 23, 2008

Boston Legal Quotes

Alan: Why does Shirley get to skip the staff meeting?
Paul: She's got a trial in New York later this week so she has a busy day.
Brad: Some of us have trials today, so if you don't mind, and like to cut out.
Laurie: What's your case about, Brad?
Alan: What is it about?
Brad: It involves interference with contractual relations.
Alan: You mean lesbians?
Paul: Where are you?
Brad: Today they're calling Tracy to testify that her ex-lover-
Alan: Lesbian ex-lover.
Brad: to testify that her ex-lover was scamming her for money. Tracy was not an actual bonafide -
Alan: Lesbian?
Brad: You like saying it.
Alan: I do.
Brad: Say it again.
Alan: Lesbian. Lesbian, lesbian -
Brad: Keep going.
Alan: Lesbian, lesbian, lesbian. All together now!
Entire staff: Lesbian.
Alan: I also like to watch. How many people -
Paul: That's enough, this is a staff meeting, I'll ask you all to conduct yourselves appropriately and professionally.

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