Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Baseball Standings

In my post Massacre swoon, I forgot to update y'all on the other, irrelevant (non-AL East)baseball divisions. Forgive me, gentle reader(s?) for my transgression.

Despite blowing last night's game the Yanks maintain their 6.5 game lead as the evil Red Stockings also fall to the West Coast team with the really long name, who are 4 back of their Bay area rivals in the AL West. The bouncy jouncy Tiggers continue to run away (up 7.5) with the Central, but the White Stockings are holding teeth and toenail to a 1/2 game wildcard lead over that team from southern Canada, which leaves the evil ones out in the cold. (All together now, ahhh!)

Over in the inferior circuit, the stupid Mets seem to want a Subway series rematch, holding a freakin' huge 13.5 game lead over Philly and dealing with the Snakes for Shawn Green. The Cards continue to fight off the Queen City, holding just a 1 game lead in the Central. In the West, the City of Angels nine holds a 2 game lead over the Priests to the south, with the Snakes 4 back after a 3 game losing streak. Cincy currently holds the WC, with the Priests 2 back and the home of the Liberty Bell 2.5 out.

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