Friday, August 11, 2006

Iraq Mission

via OWH.

My old unit, the 1/167 CAV, is in the news today. 360 Nebraskans are serving at Camp Anaconda ,the largest logistical base in Iraq, serving as both base and convoy security.

"Although the base is known to soldiers for its amenities, it's also known by an ominous nickname, "Mortaritaville."
Lt. Col. Martin Apprich, commander of the Nebraska Guard's 1st Squadron, 167th Cavalry, reported on his troops and the mission they face during a conference call today from his headquarters at the base 30 miles north of Baghdad.
"We operate in a hazardous environment," Apprich said. "But we honestly believe in what we are doing over here"

The CO says that they are mortared about twice a day, but have only suffered minor injuries in the 5 months they have been in operations there. He also noted that the temp was 117 degrees that day. They are scheduled to be relieved in another 7 months, but are "buoyed" by the support from the home front.

Good luck, fellas, and thanks so much for your duty and sacrifice.

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