Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Husker Round Table from Spring Game

Several Husker bloggers (Big Red Network, Corn Nation, Husker Guy, Double ExtraPoint, HiPlains Drifter, Husker Mike, and perhaps more) have gotten together for Round Table Husker discussions, but unfortunately (perhaps wisely, it may turn out) haven't asked me to participate yet.

Obviously an oversight on their part, because my Husker knowledge runs DEEP, grasshoppers.

No matter, I'll just answer them questions now, since I'm good like that, having my own blog and all. They can apologize (profusely) later for the oversight.

Or I'll host my own damn golf tournament and not invite them. Take that, you rascally Husker bloggers!

Here are the questions they've asked coming out of the spring game.

1. Keller or Ganz. Pick one, then give three reasons.

Love Joey Ganz's work ethic and knowledge of the O, but I'll take the big league arm, big league experience and big league attitude - Sam yells at the wideouts when the drop his passses.

2. The most impressive guy at the Spring Game.

The bartender at Barry's?
Didn't see the "game" (overhyped set piece scrimmages don't thrill me) but understand Nicks and Suh were both pretty much studly looking and terrorizing the Whites at every turn. Which is as it should be.

3. If you were the Athletic Director, what would you do with the proceeds?

Host a charity golf tournament and only invite my real friends - all one of them.

4. Do 54,000 people show up at Nebraska's Spring Game because there is really nothing else to do in Nebraska OR because we're more in love with our Huskers than anyone else is with their team.

Both, unless you really enjoy watching the corn growing or the cows wandering the western prairie. Although I heard Bama drew 90,000 + to see Nick Saban, which is pretty impressive, unless you take into account the cotton crop was destroyed by flooding this year.

5. When you heard or saw Marlon Lucky was injured, your first thought was?

First thought - Crap, there goes our 2007 running game.

Then it was "Why on God's green earth was he in so late in the "game", Coach C?"

Then is was "converted safety leads Big 12 in rushing - film at 11."
Ok, it's a long shot, but possible if the roadgraders do their duty.

6. Were you at all concerned by the fairly modest rushing performance overall by the Red team or is that a sign there's some depth on the defensive front seven?

Given it was against the Yellow shirts in a scrimmage designed to make the new QB's look good, no, not concerned, and it just might be that the depth in the D-line is better than might be discerned at first glance.

7. Callahan called the receiving corps the strength of the team.Would you tend to agree with that or would you choose another aspect(e.g. linebackers)

Depth at wideout is likely better given the injury history of the LB corps, but I think the strength of the team had better become the LBs (if it isn't) as they may have to carry the entire defense, unless my note above becomes reality and the line all turn into the Peter brothers' and Trev Alberts clones. Which given the advancements in medical science, is surely just around the corner, insuring a championship talent Husker defense in perpetuity.

Remember, clones are cool, just ask anyone on Star Trek.


Jason said...

Welcome to the Big Red Roundtable! No invite is necessary to join, so I'm glad to see you taking the initiative and jumping right in.

If you send me your email address or *ahem* put it on your site somewhere, I'll make sure you're added to our email list.

Go Big Red!

Kalthalior said...

Thanks Jason - I subscribed to your newsletter as well, not sure why I hadn't before. Funny thing aobut the email address, it shows up at the top of the blog when I'm logged in, but apparently doesn't for everyone else, the fact of which I was not aware. I shall try to fix it so it is apparent to all soon.