Friday, April 27, 2007

Message from the Military for Sen. Reid


Col. Oliver North has gotten some messages from the troops in the field and back home for chief idiot and Senate majority Leader Harry "the war is lost" Reid.

"One e-mail from Ramadi, Iraq observed: "Good thing this guy Reid wasn't around in 1940 when Winston Churchill promised the people of Great Britain nothing but 'blood, toil, tears and sweat.'" Another, a Guardsman who recently returned from Mesopotamia with a Purple Heart, noted that Reid has become "Al Qaeda's most powerful ally." A Marine corporal I last saw along the banks of the Tigris River -- now a Mississippi State University student -- asked me, "Do those people who think we've lost this war have any idea what things will be like if we really do lose?" It's an important question that none of the potentates on the Potomac who just voted to withdraw U.S. troops appear willing to address."

Ollie also notes he doesn't believe the American people will reward the Democrats for losing the war with enhanced Congressional majorities. I don't either. The consequences of withdrawal now would be diasasterous. If we give the surge enough time to work, the political situation on the ground will begin to come together, and the Iraqi government will be able to start controlling the situation more and more on its own without our help. I have always maintained that this situation is similiar to the one we faced after WW2, when we faced a shattered continent in Europe and our commitment in terms of blood, tears and time will have to be nearly the same.

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