Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy Birthday, Duke!

Couldn't resist this from the American Spectator, fast becoming my favorite conservative online mag. Larry Thornberry points out this would have been the 100th birthday of American icon John Wayne, and points out how the Hollywood's current crop of leading men lack a certain...believability as tough guys, as well as speculating whether or not today's Hollywood would even let the man work.

"It's hard to guess how the Duke would be received today, or even if he could find work in contemporary Hollywood. There are plenty of red-blooded Americans who could make up a market for more of the Duke. But the values of the New York, Malibu bed-wetters pretty much have a lock on today's Hollywood. It's a legitimate question whether Hollywood would be big enough for both George Clooney and John Wayne. It would be nice to see a real, full-service American hero like the Duke on the silver screen again. The current lot of leading men is pretty pallid by comparison. Show of hands, how many of you really believe in the likes of Kevin Costner, Michael Douglass, or Val Kilmer as tough guys? Cowboys? These guys belong having a Cherry Garcia at Ben & Jerry's, not knocking off the trail dust with a straight shot at the Longhorn. Good grief, Val Kilmer would have to get a note from his mother to ride the range."

Ouch, that has to GOT to smart, and might have left a permanent mark as well.

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