Thursday, November 13, 2008

Endeavor Ready to Launch

Space shuttle Endeavor leared its pre-flight checks and is ready to launch, possibly as soon as Friday. A cold front entering the area still threatens the schedule but forecasters predict a s60% chance of launch.

"Endeavour and its seven-person crew are set to deliver home improvement equipment that is essential if NASA is to double the size of the space-station crew. The shuttle is loaded with an extra bathroom and kitchenette, two additional bedrooms, another exercise machine and a recycling system that will turn urine into drinking water at the orbiting outpost. The plan is to add three more astronauts to the space station by the middle of next year, making for a permanent crew of six."

The launch needs to occur before Nov. 25th or it would have to be rescheduled for next January due to the angle of the sun when the ISS and shuttle are docked together and potential year end computer glitches.

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