Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Husker News

Husker coaches handed out Blackshirts for the top 11 defenders at practice yesterday, ten games into the season, based on the level of effort from the victory over KU. Also, starting WILL LB Cody Glenn has been suspended from the team indefinitely for an unspecified violation of team rules.

"The current Blackshirts are: (Tyler) Wortman, middle linebacker Phillip Dillard, defensive ends Zach Potter, Pierre Allen and Clayton Sievers, defensive tackles Ndamukong Suh and Ty Steinkuhler, and defensive backs Armando Murillo, Anthony West, Eric Hagg and Larry Asante.

Just 11, and it’s not solely based on starters, as backup Sievers and Hagg, who’ s not officially No. 1 on the depth chart, both got them, while safeties Matt O’Hanlon and/or Rickey Thenarse did not. Weakside linebacker Cody Glenn was indefinitely suspended Tuesday by head coach Bo Pelini."

In other news, bowl speculation is abounding, with Gator Bowl officials saying they would "strongly consider" a 8-4 Husker squad should they win out and the Big 12 land two teams in the BCS bowls. NU has never played in the New Year's Bowl played in Jacksonville, FL. Story on that here.

"the Gator Bowl pits the No. 3 ACC team against one of the following: a Big East school, Notre Dame or, twice every four years, a Big 12 school. Texas Tech came from behind to beat Virginia 31-28 in the game last year. The payout to each team is $2.5 million. Although it’s presumed that the Gator Bowl would select the Notre Dame should the Irish finish 7-5, Catlett (Gator Bowl Association President) said an 8-4 NU team would make a compelling argument.

Under those circumstances, the Huskers would have won five of their last six games. ND, should it lose to USC, would have finished 3-4 to end its season. Nebraska has historically traveled well to any bowl game, and NU nearly matches ND in name recognition. The Irish also hasn’t beaten a team with a winning record in 2008."

While a number of things might happen, the general consensus is that the league will land the winner of the Big 12 Championship game and another school, probably from the South division, (OU/UT/TT) in the BCS. The Cotton Bowl then gets the third selection, likely to be either North division winner Mizzou (should they lose the title game) or another South school and the Holiday Bowl is thought to be interested in Oklahoma State. NU could also end up in the Alamo, Sun or Insight bowls should the Gator decline to pick a Big 12 school.

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