Friday, July 28, 2006


Anti-tax and spending group Club for Growth has started a sign-up sheet asking for bloggers to monitor their congresscritters. They also included a handy-dandy ranking sheet showing how the congress voted on 19 pieces of legislative bacon. My Congressman, Lee Terry (NE-2, R) voted against ten, and for nine. Not very good, but not horrible. Imagine my surprise, then, that he was ranked the best out of NE's three districts. Fortenberry (NE-1, R) was an 0-fer, as was coach Tom (NE-3, R). Unbelievable that neither gentleman would vote against even one of these budget-busters. And I wonder why federal spending is thorugh the roof -- with R's like these, who needs D's. And Coach, it's quite hypocritical of you to criticize the governor in the primary for the state budget increasing 7 % with a record like this.

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