Monday, July 10, 2006


via RCP.

Col. Ralph Peters in the Post argues the only good terrorist is a dead one. Can't say as though I disagree.

"Traditionally, those who masquerade as civilians in order to kill legal combatants have been executed promptly, without trial. Severity, not sloppy leftist pandering, kept warfare within some decent bounds at least part of the time. But we have reached a point at which the rules apply only to us, while our enemies are permitted unrestricted freedom."

The Geneva Convention does not, nor has it ever, applied to terrorists. Many, many, many people think it does for some ungodly reason. You would think that eventually, once it was explained, or god forbid, someone actually read the conventions, a reporter or two would get it right. Apparently, if you repeat the words, "But what about the Geneva Convention?" enough times they think it must be true that it applies -- even though, in this case, it doesn't. Makes me want to do a Howard Dean scream.

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