Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Baseball Standings

Well, the wheat is starting to separate from the chaff now that Sep has arrived. The Bronx Bombers have an 8 game lead over the Evil Red Stockinged Ones with a magic number of 17 to clinch, while the Stupid crosstown Mets are down to a magic number of 11 to clinch the Old Circuit Eastern crown, currently enjoying a 15 game lead over the Phils.

Things are a little more interesting in the Central Divisions. The Twinkies have gained mucho ground on the Tiggers, but are still 4 back. The Southern Canadians have a game and a half lead in the wild card over the White Stockings. In the NL the Cards have started to finally assert themselves, up to a 6 game lead over slumping Cincy, which has dropped 8 of its last 10.

Out in the Western divisions, Oakland has opened up a 5 1/2 game lead on the team with the really long name, while the Dumb Dodgers are in probably the best race, with the Priests in the NL just 1 game behind. Everyone start the Gregorian chanting now to defeat the City of Angels. The Priests have a 2 game lead over the Phils for the NL Wild Card spot, who'd I'd much rather see make the WC (and stiff the Dumb ones) just for the chance to see Ryan Howard hammer some over the fence in the playoffs. The Florida kids (they would be OK for the WC too)trail by only 3, Cincy and SF are only back 3 1/2 even though both are under .500 by a game.

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