Monday, September 18, 2006

Baseball Standings

Over to Foxsports, whose web layout I've always liked, for a quick baseball talk.

Yanks magic # is 4. AL Central is pretty much up for grabs, with the loser likely in the wildcard. Tiggers have a slim 1 game lead over the Twinkies, who've come out of nowhere to make it a real crotch-hugger if you wear stripes. West looks wrapped up with the Green and Gold up 7 on the team with the long name.

Over in the Inferior Circuit, the Stupid Metropolitans are down to a magic # of 1 with a goofy 13.5 game lead over the Phils. In the Central, Cards still up 7 over fading Cincy, and the Priests and Dumb Dodgers continue to battle it out for the West, with SD up a half game. Dodgers lead the Phils for the WC by a game.

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