Thursday, July 12, 2007

Baseball Standings

On to post #500!, and what better subject than one of my favortie passions, baseball. Let's see where we stand at the All-Star break.

In the Inferior circuit, the malodorous Metropolitans lead in the East, leading a resurgent Atlanta Bravo club by a two game margin. Philly is at the .500 mark despite leading the league in scoring at 44-44, 4 1/2 back, and the Fish and the Nats are 7 and 12 1/2 out, respectively. Let's hope the smelly ones falter, I can't stand it when my co-worker (huge NYM fan) gets uppity.

In the Central, the young Brew Crew is leading the divison with the best home record in the league and own a 4 1/2 lead over the Little Bears, and the defending WS champ Redbirds are swooning with a 40-45 record, 7 1/2 out. The Bucs are back 9, Stros and Cincy are both pretty far back in the rearview mirror at 10 1/2 and 13 back.

Out in the West, the Priests lead the league in fewest runs allowed and have the NL's best record at 49-38, but they hold a scant 1 game lead on the team formerly from Brooklyn. The Snakes are 3 1/2 back and even the Rocks are at .500 and only 5 1/2 out. The Midgets are 10 1/2 out.

Staying out on the Left Coast, but moving over to the Superior League, the team with a really long name holds a 2 game league on team Starbucks, the Fighting Irish are at .500, and the Lone Star law enforcement squad is 15 games out at 38-50. Ouch.

The Tiggers lead the league in scoring and have the top spot in the Central, but are being tracked closely by team Lake Erie, who only trail by 1 and have the best home record in the league. The Yellow Pastries with the creamy filling are 9 back at 45-43, with the Windy City Whiffers 13 back and the Peasants back 15, despite former Husker Alex Gordon turning his season around.

In the only division that matters, disasterous calamity has struck the faithful, as the Anti-Christ Spawns of Satan from Oysterland have the best record in the game at 53-34. These are truly the times that try men's souls. Team Canada and the Greatest Franchise in history are both 10 back, and Uncle Joe's position might be in jeopardy as even the Rocket has failed to right the ship. The Birds are 13 back, and Ocean Dwellers from Florida are 15 and again looking for the #1 draft pick, although they might have to arm wrestle the Nats and Cincy for the title.

Not sure how things are going to turn out, but the Yanks might be home for October this year as there are already 4 teams with 50 victories, Team Starbucks is at 49 and the Boss's club are a game below .500 right now. It appears that the WC won't come out of the East anyway. Over in the NL, there look to be about 8 teams in contention, with only the Central being a two team race. I'll call the Priests, Brew Crew and the Quakers with the Snakes as the WC in the NL (I know, wishful thinking) and the Heavenly Host, Tiggers and the Heart of EVIL as the division winners, with the Natives as the WC. Tiggers versus the Priests in the Series, which the Tiggers take in 6.


ptg said...

That team formerly from Brooklyn has a chance to restore my soul this season. I've missed it.

Kalthalior said...

Did they previously steal your soul? I thought only the Lobsterland Stockings could pull that off.

Anyway, it doesn't matter who you root for (my best friends are Peasant, Snake and Rock fans) but how much you enjoy the game that really counts.