Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Uncle Jimbo on "Scott Thomas"

I've been avoiding the likely "fake but accurate" reporting done in Iraq for liberal rag "The New Republic" by one "Scott Thomas". In short, "Thomas" is purportedly a US serviceman reporting that his fellow soldiers have been up to some, ahem, mischief. The Weekly Standard's Michael Goldfarb has called out TNR's idiot in chief, editor Frnklin Foer, here asking for any independent corroboration - and failed to generate much of a response. Goldfarb has asked milbloggers to examine the stories, and they've poked more holes in them than you could find in a Swiss cheese factory.

Milblogger Uncle Jimbo over at Blackfive's place gives us his unadulterated opinion of both "Thomas" and Foer. And boy howdy is it good. Uncle Jimbo gets the "Verbal Assault of the Week" award.

"Scott Thomas is a lying sack of shit. Every unit has a Scott Thomas, the whiny pissant whose brilliance is never recognized and who is always being abused by the chain of command for stuff that's not his fault. It would be normal to hear folks telling him to STFU and do his damn job.

The stories he peddled were easy to believe if your mindset starts with soldiers as knuckle dragging, jack-booted barbarians barely held in check by the enlightened scrutiny of a vigilant press. Sadly that is the status quo among most of the media and gives us "reporting" colored darkly by the biases of these people. They have their narrative down and it involves US military barbarity so when they got a big plate of scrumptious horror they scarfed it right up."

and the lovely liberal rag TNR?

"So how does absolute horse shit like this make it into what should be a respectable magazine? Well first you will notice that this was the New Republic, not National Review, and while this mag has plenty of fabulist issues they are emblematic of the chattering classes as a whole. While the left makes noises that they think mean they support the troops, they don't really, and they do believe the dregs of society theory of military recruiting. Jon Carry didn't misspeak when he said those non-hackers who do not pack the gear to serve in his beloved cultural elite, will end up stuk in Irak. He was simply stating the common wisdom on the left, our troops are killers, sometimes under orders, sometimes just to satisfy their blood lust.

Well there is also a bit of assumed wisdom on our side as well. That is that most journalists are gutless weasels possuming a ride on the backs of better men and women than themselves. They are parasites whose sole function seems to be advancing a narrative of evil America, cause of all that is ill with this world. There is no problem they are unwilling to lay at the feet of greedy rapacious America, busy killing brown people all over the planet, and now even slaughtering Gaia herself. Damn us!"


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