Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Congressional Earmarks

The National Taxpayer's Union has listed the 42 members of Congress who have perfect records in supporting Congressman Jeff Flake's (R-AZ) efforts to eliminate earmarking by offering amendments to strip such spending from appropriation bills. Flake is keeping up the pressure, speaking on the House Floor today on the Water and Energy bills before the House. (HT: BillHobbs)

Surprisingly, not only Nebraska Congressman Adrian Smith (3rd) but our own Lee Terry (2nd) is listed. I may have to change my tune a bit about Lee, who has had some earmarking history of his own (benefitting both the UNMC and Creighton, in particular), but apparently has changed his tune with the changing of the guard in Congress and some disappointed constituents.

The other heart-warming thing about this story is that there is at least one Democrat (Jim Cooper of TN) that believes in accountability to the people. Another positive is several candidates that I personally supported (with small donations) are on the list in addition to Smith, including Michele Bachman (MN-6), Doug Lamborn (CO-5), Tim Wahlberg (MI-7) and Steve King (IA-5), all recipients of my largesse. Lee might merit a campaign contribution if he keeps it up, along with Flake for leading the charge.

Other notable Congress critters on the list I have heard good things about (economically speaking, at least): Blackburn of TN (Fred! supporter), Conaway and Hensarling (current leader of the Republican Study Committee) of TX, Jindal of LA (running for LA Governor in 2007), Pence of IN (former chair on the RSC), and Shaddeg of AZ (RSC chair from 2000-2002). The Tennessee delegation is awfully strong, with 4 members (the aforementioned Cooper and Blackburn, along with Doug Davis and John Duncan)with a perfect rating on this issue.


Anonymous said...

Before you give Doug Lamborn too much credit, you need to read this: http://beltwayblogroll.nationaljournal.com/archives/2007/07/blog_power_on_d.php

It starts out sounding good for Lamborn but notice the commment that is made to it. Doug Lamborn has so far steadfastly refused to inform us of his earmarks and we've been hammering him on blog after blog after blog. He refuses to tell us what his earmarks are.

Kalthalior said...

Disturbing, to be sure, if true.

However, Lamborn isn't the only CO politician not disclosing, and it is possible (however unlikely) that he hasn't requested any earmarks and has nothing to disclose.

The Denver Post article below explains in more detail.


I suggest my blog friends in CO keep up the pressure, it has apparently had an impact here on our own Mr. Terry.

Anonymous said...

There is no reason to praise Mike Conaway of Texas for restraint in earmarking. He has fessed up to only one earmark while keeping all the rest a secret and railing against the Democrats for ... secret earmarks.