Monday, July 09, 2007

Job Numbers

The Skeptical One looks here at the recent employment figures to try to determine where the latest meme of economic disaster will be spun from, and finds the news so overwhelmingly positive that we're not sure - but there still is a Republican in the White House, so it's just GOT to bad, somehow, someway.

His analysis is that not only are more people employed, but all those good manufacturing and construciton jobs that are disappearing are being replaced by HIGHER paying jobs in IT, wholesale trade and business services.

Ouch, that must hurt the NY Times staff's brains.

BTW, no posting over the holiday due to vacation and a much needed break. Got some excellent comments while I was away, however. Thanks!


ptg said...

The NYT will continue to tell everyone that they are poor, no matter what. The facts never interfered with their editorializing the news.

John Edwards says one in eight of us are living in "poverty".

Kalthalior said...

Pony boy sure says he loves the poor, but he sure doesn't seem to track what really assists them very well, however.

I just wish he didn't want to spend my money giving the handouts when it might be better spent giving them the skills to make a go of it in a modern knowledge based society. I do quite a bit (I admittedly probably could do more) for those truly in need already. But I choose who recieves my generosity after thorough vetting, instead of just handing it over to who knows where.

At least the poor here in the US generally own a house, a car, color TV, stereo, etc. and have enough to eat.