Wednesday, November 01, 2006

1st District - Fortenberry

Link is to Fortenberry's Campaign Website.

So where does Fort stand on the issues? Here's his list of issues he feels is important, the site has "overarching" themes with a couple of subpoints under each, I'll just go down the list.

National Security - he talks here not just about maintaining a strong military, but also International Relations, maintaining and creating civil societies and human rights. He's on the Congressional IR committee. He also mentions border security here, along with employer enforcement, expediting LEGAL immigration, and using foreign policy to mitigate the reasons for economic migration. Wow. This is the most mature, responsible commentary I've seen yet form any candidate on these issues. I'm very impressed.

Economic Opportunity - Taxes - He believes taxes should be "simple, reasonable, and moderate." He's against the estate tax, voted against tax increases, and supports the line-itme veto on spending measures. He links tax relief to economic growth. Sounds like my kind of guy so far. Ag - supports free trade, voted for CAFTA and ethanol, and limiting subsidies, and also serves on the Ag Committee.
Small business - serves on the House Small Business Committee as well, and frecognized that small business is responsible for both job growth and economic growth.Introduced legislation expanding small business lending and health saving accounts. This is all petty good stuff from where I sit.

Environment and Energy - Re-emphasizes support for renewables, voted for the energy bill, and links energy development to agriculture. He has voted to allow new oil refineries.

Healthcare - proponent of reform using information technology and HSA's.

Social/Cultural Issues - He's pro-life, pro-Second amendment, and supports conservative judges. Voted to prevent suits against gun manufacturers.

This is the most impressive candidate I've seen yet as far as the issues goes. I wish he would state in more detail his ideas on simplifying the tax code. I am terribly impressed he mentions diplomacy and human rights, Republican candidates don't often mention these in campaign literature. OnTheIssues defines him as a libertarian conservative.

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