Thursday, June 14, 2007

How Wealthy is the US?

Cool site called Strange Maps has a US economic map with the names of the states replaced by the name of the nation with the nearest sized economy. (HT: QandO)

The map shows the nation with the Gross Domestic Product nearest in value to each US state. The results are pretty interesting, although it doesn't take into account the different populations (i.e., per capita GDP) , which would probably trend it even more in the favor of the US economy. The US economy is almost larger than the next four largest national economies (Japan, Germany, China and the UK) combined.

California would be the eighth largest national economy in the world (about the same as France's - ironic, isn't it) if it were its own nation, Texas tenth (about the same size as Canada's economy). If the ten largest state economies were nations, they would all rank in the current top twenty nations. Nebraska's economy is about the same as that of the Czech Republic (#44 on the world list) , Iowa's is comparable to that of Venezuela (#39). The only state that would not rank in the current world top 100 would be Wyoming, at 101, about the same is Uzbekistan.

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