Monday, June 25, 2007

Immigration Bill

Senator Nelson is apparently on the fence in voting for cloture on the Senate Immigration/Amnesty bill, but I am slightly encouraged by the tone of his Senate website on the matter. We'll see if how he follows through with his vote tomorrow. I've both emailed and signed an online petition on the matter asking for a vote against cloture. I may call his office as well.

"Nelson believes that too many reform proposals will not work because they attempt to tackle too many issues at once. As any Husker football fan will tell you, even the best Blackshirt can’t tackle four running backs at the same time. Ben Nelson’s smarter, more effective, play is to take aim at one problem at a time and start where the problem starts—at the border.
Ben Nelson knows from visiting with Nebraskans how important the issue of illegal immigration is to them, and the national attention on this issue is proof that Nebraska is not alone.
Nelson authored bipartisan Border Security First bills in the 109 th Congress that would, among other things, double the number of border agents over five years and provide for the construction and installation of effective border security measures from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico."


ptg said...

I've e-mailed Ben's office as well. The good Senator from Nebraska listens to the folks back home. Unlike that other Senator from Nebraska.

Kalthalior said...

Don't get me started about our other "Senator".