Thursday, June 14, 2007

ISS Computers Back Online

Meanwhile, on the ISS, the Russians have apparently re-established their computers controlling the environmental and maneuvering systems aboard the station. The shuttle Atlantis mission had already been extended to deal with a repair issue to a thermal blanket on the orbiter, and it was discussed that the shuttle might have had to return the station crew to Earth.

"An unexplained glitch shutdown primary Russian computers aboard the ISS early Wednesday, leaving it dependent on the station's U.S. gyroscopes and thrusters aboard Atlantis for attitude control and other primary systems. The issue left mission managers contemplating a one-day extension to the space shuttle Atlantis crew's already extended 13-day mission to give additional time to work through the glitch."

The computer glitch was speculated to have been caused by the installation of new power systems aboard the station as the shuttle crew continues its construction mission to the station. Power was restored this morning to the stations Zarya module around 7 am US Eastern time.

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