Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nebraska Guard Unit on Way Home from Iraq

Great news from fellow Nebraskan blogger and Army National Guardsman Sack. My old unit, HHT 1/167 Cavalry is going HOME, and as of Saturday was already in Kuwait. The unit had been serving at Camp Anaconda in western Iraq. Eight Nebraska Guard members have died serving in Iraq. Sack gives the details and I think he also sums it up nicely on his post from June 5th.

" One thing that struck me about each of these soldiers is that most, if not all, were volunteers. Not just volunteers to join the Guard, as we are all, but volunteers to deploy to Iraq and do what needed to be done. I know that most of them could have stayed home, having already done duty in Kuwait, Bosnia, or a prior deployment to Iraq. But they didn't. Their unit, their state, and their country needed them, and they answered the call. And they paid the ultimate price. This may be cliche, but "Where do we find such men and women?" I am proud to wear the uniform and to have served in the Nebraska National Guard with MSG Tarango-Griess, SGT Fisher, SFC Jameson, SGT Ford, SSG Hansen, SGT Debro, SGT Matheny, and SPC Bailey. God bless you all. We will never forget you."


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