Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thompson Donations, Republican Campaign, etc.

I guess I've decided to support Fred for the Republican nomination. See the widget on the side.

Interesting news over the last couple of days is that both Rudy Guiliani and John McCain have announced that they have decided to take their toys home and won't be participating in the Iowa Straw Poll. Romney appears to be cleaning both their clocks there as of right now.

No word if Fred is going in to Iowa or not, but he did get interviewed by Larry Kudlow last night, transcript here, although the comments section seem a bit bizarre. Fred seems to be everywhere right on the web right now, which is both good news and pretty cool.

Even more on Fred from QandO's Jon Henke - he's joining the Thompson campaign, which is also excellent news, I have a lot of respect for Jon. He also points out an outstanding piece on the case for Fred made by Mike Turk at a site called Kung Fu Quip (clever sitename, BTW). All of this does nothing but reinforce my belief that Fred is the right candidate.

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