Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Fred's Fund Raising Numbers

via Patrick Ruffini's excellent site.

Patrick (a Rudy supporter) seems to believe (as I do) that $3.4 million for 25 days is a pretty good number. John Henke of QandO (Thompson's online consultant) pointed out that this number exceeds all the other Republican campaigns except Romney at the same point (the first month of fund raising) - not announced, but with an exploratory or organizational committee formed.

Patrick also points out that over 3/4 of million dollars (23%, from about 7500 individual donors) of Fred's fund raising donations came from online sources, which is also pretty impressive. Another item of note is that these numbers came without any events, direct mail or phone calls. I'd say it's a pretty amazing number given those facts. The committee only spent just under $700k leaving Fred with about $2.7 million in funds.

I would also note (like Fred) that the campaign traditionally has started around Labor Day. This year's crop seems to believe that starting early would help them.

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