Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New College Football Helmets

Several teams are sporting new headgear this year, with Big 12 opponent KU being one. The Jayhawks are chaging the font on the helmet lettering and switching the blue to the "school-wide" blue, the fourth shade the school has used since 2001. Several teams are reverting to designs inspired by older more traditional looks. The Big 10's Michigan State is reverting back to it's old Spartan logo, and Minnesota is changing the font on the "M" on their helmets, the first design change for them since 1999. The Unversity of Central Florida is going with a throwback 1970s white helmet and also a new "UCF" logo, Syracuse is adding a blue "S" to its orange helmets, and Bowling Green University loses its bird logo and changes to a white "BG". Other teams making changes include Temple, Rice, Arkansas State, and North Texas, which is also going with the throwback look with a white helmet reminisent of the 1960s designs.

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