Friday, March 14, 2008

Ancient Axes found in North Sea

Amazing find in the North Sea is documented at ScienceDaily. An English dredging operation has uncovered 28 ancient flint axes dating back possibly 100,000 years, dramatically proving humans inhabited this area in Europe at a very early date in the last Ice Age. With much of the world's water locked up in polar and glacial ice, the English Channel and North Sea areas now covered by water was a large valley connecting the British Isles with the continent.

"Ian Oxley, Head of Maritime Archaeology at English Heritage, said: “These are exciting finds which help us gain a greater understanding of The North Sea at a time when it was land. We know people were living out there before Britain became an island, but sites actually proving this are rare.”

These finds are some of the finest examples yet found of this type of the early Stone Age tool set used by early humans for a variety of purposes.

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