Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Husker DE Coach John Papuchis

I caught this interview by Bill Jordan with Husker DE Coach John Papuchis the other day. Papuchis arrived from LSU with Head Coach Bo Pelini and Husker LB Coach Mike Ekeler. They first covered John's role on the staff.

"Bill Jordan for the Biz of Football: What is your role on the team besides coaching the defensive ends?

John Papuchis: Well, I’ve been working with Bo for a couple years, so as far as helping him put together a plan on defense from week to week and I coach our punt team. I also have a role with our special teams from an administrative prospective as well. I’ll be assisting it and putting together the depth chart and stuff like that. Primarily I’ll coach the defensive ends; I’ll coach the punt team and from an administrative perspective take care of special teams."

They also covered recruiting in general and it's is different between the two schools, his geographic area responsibilities for it, compared Bo's coaching style with LSU Coach Les Miles, how the LSU players reacted to the news of Pelini's hire at Nebraska, how welcomed he has felt at NU, how they prepared LSU for the NC game against Ohio State, and several other interesting tidbits. It's a very nice read on the new coach.

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