Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Local Candidates File

The OWH has the complete list of local political hopefuls for elected office in Nebraska, including 73 candidates for the Unicameral, down from 86 for the last election.

Notables include former Governor and Agriculture Secretary Mike Johans, former Democratic Congressional hopeful Scott Kleeb, and Behren manufacturing head (and R turned D) Tony Raimondo for US Senate and the three incumbent Republican Congressmen (Jeff Fortenberry D-1, Lee Terry D-2, and Adrain Smith D-3). Only Fortenberry doesn't face a primary challenge, and will face Marine and Iraqi vet Max Yashirin in the general.

In D-2, Terry faces Steven Laird in the primary, while former Democratic candidate Jim Esch faces Richard Carter of Bellevue. In D-3, Adrian Smith faces Grand Island's Jeremiah Ellison and the Democratic hopefuls are Jay Stoddard of Grand Island
and Paul A. Spatz of Osmond.

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