Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Boston Legal Quotes

Matthew Caulder: What's going on?
Alan Shore: I'll keep it quick. These are for you. Photos. Snapshots really. Some delightful little business between you and a hooker. [Caulder starts flipping through the pictures] Friend of mine actually. I earn frequent flyer miles. She's a lovely woman. I arranged for her to seek you out at the bar. I particularly like that one. Don't you? Gives your bottom a nice...aura. Here's the deal, Sharon and the kids get to go to New York, or I start printing copies. Is that suger that you're snorting off of her magnificent porcelain breasts?
Caulder: You're a lawyer in a prestigious law firm for God's sakes!
Alan Shore: I know, awful. Hate to extort and run, but I'm going to need an answer on this, now.

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