Thursday, March 20, 2008

Boston Legal Quotes

[Denny Crane and Ernie Dell walk into Denny's office]
Denny: This is not going to be easy for you to hear, but it needs to be said. I don't give a damn who slept with your wife. Neither do you, really. You don't love her. It's an ego thing. She's a trophy girl, something for your friends to admire. Maybe you should be flattered.
Ernie: I'm not -
Denny, interrupting: I'm talking! Ego, Ernie. You acquire fast cars and young wives, all in hope to stay young yourself and confuse youth with relevance. Well, here's a flash for you. We're all desperate to be relevant. You're 76 years old, want to feel you still mean something, move to Florida, punch a chad, screw up an election. Don't go looking for affirmation between the two artifical jugs of a woman who married you for - gee, could it be your outstanding sense of humor? [Ernie clenches up]
Take a swing, if you want to, if it'll make you fell better.

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