Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Huskers & NFL Draft

While only 3 Huskers were drafted by NFL franchises over the weekend, there are a number of former players signing free agent deals, with a couple of other players invited to participate in NFL mini-camps.

Drafted were CB Zach Bowman by Chicago in the fifth round, as well as T Carl Nicks in the same round to New Orleans. One somewhat surprising pick was LB Bo Ruud to New England in the sixth.

Reportede free agent signings were S Tierre Green to Green Bay, WR Franz Hardy with Philly, CB Courtney Grixby with Carolina, LB Steve Octavien with Kansas City, C Brett Byford with the NY Jets and LB Lance Brandenburgh with San Fran. Once thought to be a draft lock, WR Maurice Purify is talking to Cincinnati (with two other teams apparently interested), and LB Corey McKeon will try his luck with Tampa after recieving an invite to their mini-camp. QB Sam Keller apparently has not received any offers, but I wouldn't be surprised to see someone give him a shot.

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