Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Boston Legal Quotes

Denny: See all the police outside? We must have a jumper. I hope it isn't Paul.
Tara: Denny, you don't know what is going on?
Denny: Why are you women in my office?
Sally: You really don't realize what's happening?
Denny: I think I do. Let's take off out clothes!
Sally: A man has a gun trained on Alan Shore out there, that's why the police are here.
Denny: Out there?
Sally: He's threatening to kill him.
Denny: Why didn't anybody come and get me? [strides to cabinets behind his desk, pulls out a rifle and begins to assemble it] All right then.
Tara: Are you mad?
Sally: I really don't think that's such a good idea!
Denny: It's a fantastic idea!
Tara: Denny, the police are already here.
Denny: Yes, I can see they have everything under control. Tara, when I say open, you open that door.
Tara: I most certainly will not!
Denny: I'm an ex-marine. I was a trained sniper. Or was it a pilot?
Tara: Put the gun down! You'll get everybody killed.
Denny: It's Alan out there. I'm mainly a skeet shooter now, so when I yell "Pull" that'll be your cue to open the door.
Tara: You are mad!
Sally: Don't Tara, he'll kill us.
Denny: Pull! [Tara opens the door, Denny fires and wounds the man in the shoulder]

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