Friday, April 25, 2008

Boston Legal Quotes

TV newswoman: We have very little information, other then the victim was in her fities and she was bludgeoned to death. It is the second death in a week that has rocked this idyllic little street. Just last Friday, the victim's next door neighbor died as well from head trama. You may recall the victim's son was briefly held, then released.
[Alan Shore jumps up from beneath Tara's desk]
Tara: What?
Newswoman: What isn't known is whether these two cases are connected.
Alan: It's Bernie.
Tara: Who?
Alan: My little skillet wielding client from last week. He's wacked another one! He promised me he wouldn't! [rushes from Tara's office]
Tara: Does that mean you're.......finished?

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