Friday, April 04, 2008

Boston Legal Quotes

Alan Shore: Denny - I need you at 12:30, it'll take 5 minutes, tops. I need to trade a little on your...prominance.Your heft.

Denny Crane: What do you want me to do?

Alan: I don't want you to do anything, say anything, I just want you to be. Be all that you can be. One of the few, the proud.

[Brad Cahse overhears and grimaces]

Denny: You don't want me to say anything?

Alan: Just those two little words that tend to shock and awe.

Denny: Denny Crane.

Brad: Feel free to mock me all you want, but don't you dare ridicule our troops.

Alan: Just so we're clear, I should feel free to mock you?

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