Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Time Cover

Dennis Prager takes a jab at Time, which published its latest edition with a Photoshopped version of the famous flag raising at Iwo Jima replacing the flag with a tree. Apparently this is supposed to suggest the environmental movement is heroic (or something) which Prager pretty successfully debunks.

"But like nearly all people who believe in a cause, they know that they have to fight some evil -- after all, the world really seems threatened by something. So they have channeled their desire to fight threats to the world to fighting an enemy that will not hurt them or their loved ones -- man-made carbon dioxide emissions.
It is much easier to fight global warming than to fight human evil. You will be celebrated at Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, the BBC and throughout the media world, no one will threaten your life, there are huge grants available to scientists and others who fight real or exaggerated environmental problems, and you may even receive an Academy Award and the Nobel Peace Prize. Individuals who fight Islamists get fatwas. The Time cover is cheap heroism. It is a liberal attempt to depict as equally heroic those who fight carbon emissions and those who fought Japanese fascists and Nazis."

He also points out the quite drastic consequences to people world-wide due to policies recommended by environmentalists, such as the widespread suffering in Africa from malaria due to the world-wide ban on DDT. There is also the nagging little issue of Third World hunger due to the substitution of foodcrops for transportation fuel. Left unsaid is the extreme left's view that such people simply aren't worth all the damage they do to the planet, consuming precious resources and the like. As Prager notes, "human suffering is not as significant as environmental degradation", or at least to many greens. He also notes the magazine's track record - there was a cover in 1974 decrying the coming Ice Age.

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