Thursday, April 13, 2006

April 12 Gov Debate

The threee Republican candidates spent some time taking potshots at each other in North Platte Wednesday. Nabity comes out swinging again, & I have to agree with him that the tax and spending cuts the governor claims credit for aren't terribly large -- the "tuna fish tax cut" was a great way to term it.

"Nabity noted that the biggest beneficiaries under the bill were families eligible for the earned income tax credit, people whose incomes are so low they already pay no income taxes. "I thought tax relief is for people who pay taxes," he said."

I still don't think he'll make it, but he sure is making it entertaining. Govnernor's response is pretty tepid, and sheeer baloney. Using the 3 year figure isn't relevant because the Unicameral could change the plan in the next session. Property tax relief is aimed squarely at ag interests only, and the school levy isn't being changed as promised.

"Heineman preferred to call his tax cut a $300 million package, using a three-year figure, and said it is meaningful. "When it comes to tax cuts, I take a back seat to no one."
Heineman also noted he had vetoed $25 million in state spending. He suggested Osborne had little room to criticize on budget issues, noting that federal spending is running 14 percent higher than a year ago."

Osbourne criticizes the business incentive plan the governor mentions as well.

"Osborne said Heineman has done little for the small businesses that can't hire the 10 employees or invest the $10 million needed to qualify under the new business incentives. He called for new tax incentives to lure investment capital that small entrepreneurs lack."

Nabity also hits both the other candidates on the water issue, stating that paying people not to farm is counter-productive and hurts small merchants in rural communities.

The closing statements were interesting. Osbourne touted his self-imposed contribution limits; Nabity pointed out there are ways around such limits, and Heineman brought up that Osbourne supported in-state immigrant tuition, which had not previously come up. Guess who the front-runner is?

Also noted an article from Tuesday regarding the amount of money each campaign had here.
Nabity ($5k)and Dem. candidate Hahn ($11K) are way behind on fundraising, TO and Gov. Dave are pretty close with a little over a half mil apiece.

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