Monday, March 27, 2006

2nd Gubernatorial Debate

From OWH.

Immigration issue has Osbourne and Nabity in favor of in-state tuition for the children of illegal immigrants, point being that we shouldn't punish the children for crimes committed by their parents. The Governor has serious reservations about the idea, but passes the buck saying that the Feds should enforce the law. Novel idea, but maybe the chief executive of the state should do something about it , too.

The challengers also indirectly criticized the tax incentive bill and state budget. Osbourne pointed out the dramatic spending increases (14%) could constrain tax relief and Nabity said that the incentives don't do enough for small business. Osbourne also points out some large employers are (Tyson) are leavingg the state for greener pastures. Gov. defends his tax package with numbers of 26 businesses applied for incentives leading to an estimated 4000 jobs. He also repeated his refrain that it took us a long time to become a high tax state and that it will take us a long time to lower taxes, which I just don't understand myself. Claims to want to lower taxes, just not right now, apparently. Pointed out the last budget didn't raise taxes.

All three candidates stated they would support a bill outlawing abortion like that of South Dakota's.

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