Monday, March 06, 2006

Govnernors race

In the governor's race, the three candidates have decided to hold six debates. March 19 in Omaha, the 26th in Lincoln, April 12 in North Platte, the 19th in Norfolk, the 24th in Scottsbluff, and finally April 30 in Grand Island. Recent news in the OWH has the candidates discussing tourism and how to attract it within the state.

Nabity has proposed a twenty mile "corridor" along both sides Interstate 80 as a potential area for developing tourist hotspots, as well as encouraging already existing areas in the "Wild West" and focusing on "hunter tourism" in the Northeast of the state.

Osbourne proposes focusing on both hunting and "agri-tourism". Both challengers criticize the adminstration for not doing enough to promote tourism and market the state.

Gov. Henneman points out that tourism is the third-largest industry in the state already despite spending far less than many neighbors on marketing programs. He does agree that more should be done to develop the industry further and devoted an additonal $850,000 to the current marketing programs in the budget last year.

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