Thursday, March 16, 2006

JSF (F-35)

Cool. You have a F-35A that takes off conventionally and will be used by the USAF, a F-35B that is a short takeoff version for the USMC and Royal Navy's CV program, and the carrier F-35C version for the US Navy and their CVAs.

Almost 1800 A version, 540 B version (150 UK is 60 RN and 90 RAF - not sure why the RAF wouldn't go for A models though) and another 480 C's for the USN, though the mix of types for each service is liable to change. It's also thought Australia may buy some as well.

A version expected to enter service in 2008 and B's & C's in 2012. Project has had issues with the B's development but it appears they've made more signifigant modifications for that version to hit their performance targets. Smaller payload being the biggest.

Next research proejct is on those Brit CV's.

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