Friday, March 31, 2006

Palace of Ajax Found


Interesting. Ajax was the name of 2 Greek warriors, I assume they believe these excavations are associated with Ajax the Greater, who was the Greeks second-best warrior to the better known (today) Achilles. I never put it together that the famous Battle of Salamis was the home kingdom of the much earlier (8-900 years) Ajax either.

The really interesting find is the copper piece with the name of Egyptian Pharoah Ramses on it. Trade in those days was actually a lot more wide-spread than you might believe. I saw a thing on the Queen of Sheba (contemporary in a general sense to Ajax, Bronze Age) on History channel's "Digging for the Truth" and her people, who populated present day Yemen and Ethiopia, traded as far away as China and India, as well as with the Med. civilizations.

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